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The digital options for NSW learner log books is shrinking! Is that a bad thing?

Transport and Service NSW are moving towards a single log book app model - Roundtrip. When it all began, there were three options, however L2P was deactivated last month, and Licence Ready is destined to be decommissioned, though a date has not been confirmed as yet. So be prepared to download your hours in the not too distant future.

As driving instructors, we can use them but don't particularly like them. This is why.....

  • When we try and start the lesson, if phone reception is not good in your area, then it takes FOREVER to enter all the necessary details before we can get started which means less 'on road' time for you.

  • On your first driving lesson, it is complicated to work out your exact driving experiences up to that point - with the paper log book it's easier for us to see that information. It's important. We want you to get maximum benefit from each session, and that can only really be achieved by understanding what you need from us as soon as we start. We can plan smarter for you which means better use of your time and investment. This is the aim of a good driving instructor. (It is also why we recommend you do all your professional lessons with the same instructor to ensure continuity of tuition and less time wasting - but that's another story).

  • Your driving examiner also likes to go through the log book, see what you have done, what driving lessons you have completed and if you have done the Safer Drivers Course. Once they know your driving experience, they are more relaxed and ready - and isn't that a good thing??

However if you choose to go down the digital track, that's okay - we will make it work. I would recommend you ask your driving instructor to send you all their required details before your first lesson so you can have it all entered in and be ready to go.

Any queries, don't hesitate to contact me.

You can also find more information relating to log book apps here -

Best wishes, Jacky

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