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Don't go surfing on the road!

With more rain expected over the next few days, and the ground still wet from the recent torrential downpour, chances are the road will be pockmarked with lots of puddles.

Beware! These puddles are just as dangerous as slippery roads when you are driving at an inappropriate speed (too fast for the conditions), because of a phenomenon known as Aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning happens when a car's tyres are unable to disperse the water away quickly enough to maintain their contact with the road surface. Your tyres will literally lift off the road and your car will surf along, suspended by the hydraulic properties of the water in those puddles.

The result? You lose all control of your car - brakes, speed, steering, direction of travel, ability to stop!!!!

FACT: big wide tyres moving at speed through anything other than a thin film of water will begin to aquaplane at a slower speed than narrow tyres.

Even the best tyres and deepest tread will not help if you are driving too fast.

SAFETY TIP: Avoid those deep puddles - most commonly found in the kerbside lane. If you cannot avoid them, reduce your speed markedly.

Want more information? Speak to your Dalton driving instructor or contact Jacky.

Stay safe!

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