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Teaching your learner to drive?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Now that your teenager has their learners licence, how do you start teaching them to drive?

For most home tutors, driving has become an automatic process. How often do you drive from work or the shops and suddenly find yourself driving into your driveway with no memory of the trip home? Somehow you managed to plan what to cook for dinner and negotiate peak hour traffic safely. This comes with experience. I'm not saying it's good or bad, it's just the way it is and you have survived so far.

Now that you are about to teach your teenager, sibling, partner or other important person in your life to drive, your challenge is to take what you do without thinking about it and be able to break it down into little chunks of information that you can share effectively. As the teacher in this scenario, it is your responsibility to do the job right and understand the needs of your learner driver and ensure you are getting the message across.

This is important otherwise there will be a lot of frustration, anger and possibly tears.

To help you navigate through this minefield, I will be sharing a series of posts, (Advice for the home tutor), specifically designed to provide information on how to get started, how to order things correctly, highlight road rules that may have changed since we learnt to drive and anything else that I feel will help you get through the process with your nerves and relationships intact.

I also invite you to ask questions and let me know what you need. Leave a comment, send me a message using our contact form or give me call.

To get the ball rolling I will start with one of the most common questions I have been asked over the past 30 years...

When should I start using a driving school?

Ideally, as soon as you want your learner driver to start learning to drive. Let us do the hard work putting the basics in place, work out how to get the message across (because we all learn and communicate in different ways) and give you a course of action to follow over the next 120 hours.

However if this is not in your game plan, then at least I hope this blog series will help you on your way. Either way, we want to share in this experience with you and help make it easier and safer for all of you; and give you the confidence that the time (and money) invested in your learner driver will give them the right skills to become a safer driver.

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