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Driving lesson anxiety? Dalton can help.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

There is support for learner drivers experiencing anxiety about learning to drive and going for the driving test.

It's not uncommon for learner drivers to experience some form of anxiety as they are learning to drive and preparing for the driving test, particularly when it is combined with stress from school, exams and other general life pressures.

For some learner drivers the anxiety relating to driving can be overwhelming and stop them from getting into a car or a bad experience can destroy their confidence and they choose not to drive again. In our society where obtaining a driver’s licence is considered an important milestone, the added pressure of trying to explain why you don’t have one simply compounds the anxiety.

Sometimes the anxiety may not only be related to the fear of the driving test or dealing with the possible dangers on the road. Learner drivers may also have specific learning difficulties that not only prove stressful in the classroom but can be challenging when trying to learn even the basics in driving.

There is hope….

If there is no medical reason that will stop someone learning to drive, the first important step is to find a driving instructor who has the training and experience to understand the specific needs of these types of learner drivers and have the teaching strategies that can deal with individual problems and learning styles. This is true for all learner drivers however it becomes more critical in cases relating to anxiety.

Dalton Driving School is the team with the most experienced driving instructors in southern Sydney. Led by Mark Dalton who has been a driving instructor and instructor trainer for more than 30 years, our instructors have dealt with a multitude of different learner drivers so they have the knowledge and expertise to identify individual learning needs and provide the right tuition to ensure the learning experience is less stressful and more productive. They provide support and strategies for the home tutor as well.

Sometimes it helps just to be able to talk to someone. To complement the driving tuition provided by Dalton, Jacky has joined the team to provide personal customer support to help organise lessons, answer questions, problem solve and work out the best plan to support the learning needs of all our learner drivers.

Call or text Jacky on 0414799756 anytime, yes even on the weekend and after hours, or contact her through our website.

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